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Dr L. Subramaniam

Dr L. Subramaniam is among the foremost violinists today. Born in 1947, he received training from his father Shri V.Laksminarayana. He also studied western music at the California Institute of Arts, U.S.A. under Wilfred Forbes, where he specialised in Orchestral writing.

After an early start as a concert performer, he chose music as his profession after qualifying for a medical career. He has already made his mark as a composer and has a number of orchestral works to his credit. Alongwith Indian Classical music, he has also experimented with Fusion Music.

L.Subramaniam has received awards for his music in films like SALAAM BOMBAY. He recieved the Padmashree Award in 1989 and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1990 for his contribution as a composer.

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