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State Convention

A state convention is an event called for in order to involve all the chapters in a particular state and to assess the progress of the Movement at the state level. Each state organises two one-day conventions in July/August and December/January. The conventions are attended by the office bearers and other members of the Chapters, sub-chapters and different centres, the State Co-ordination Group, the Central State Co-ordinators and office bearers of the National Executive

National Convention

The National Convention is a National gathering of the SPICMACAY family hosted by any chapter. It is organised annually in June and is attended by delegates from all Chapters, sub-chapters, centres, Staff Advisors, Patrons, Patrons, State co-ordinators, Central State Co-ordinators, Senior Advisory Group and the SPICMACAY National Advisory Group. Thus, it provides an ideal platform for the intermingling of diverse ethnic cultural flavours.

The five- day convention is attended by more than 500 people and consists of sessions related to SPICMACAY's own growth, directions, trends, and organisational structure, alongwith concerts, folk arts, talks, yoga and films.

Other activities