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Sponsorship Proposal


Total Sponsorship for 20 concerts   Rs. 4,00,000
Co-Sponsorship   Rs. 2,50.000
Part Sponsorship   Rs. 1,00,000
Sponsoring individual concerts   Rs. 20,000
Banners   Rs. 10,000

What you get in return

  1. Name of the organisation linked to all festivals being sponsored in all ads, press releases etc.
  2. All posters, invitation cards, etc. to carry the the name of the sponsor.
  3. The organisation's name to be carried in all posters, passes and other publicity put all over the country in 200 cities and towns covering 1000 educational institutions.(For sponsorship exceeding Rs. 1,00,000)
  4. Tax exemption under 80G.
  5. Invitation and passes to be made available to members of the sponsoring organisation.
  6. Company's banners can be put wherever desired, except inside the auditorium.
  7. Above all, a contribution towards making today's youth more aware of the beauty and grace surrounding his roots. We request you to help us in our cause. We would be grateful if you could indicate to us a convenient date and time for us to meet you, regarding the same.

Please contact us