The movement caught the imagination of the young and began to grow geographically and numerically. While on one hand, the idea had to be painstakingly introduced in minor doses on the other, there was a clamouring for programmes in schools and colleges. A combination of both have resulted in a network of 200 chapters in India and abroad.

Change within growth

During the 20 grinding years of its work, the movement has had moments of joy and painful introspection. These have led to exciting process of expressing potential and self-discovery. While the fundamental agenda of SPICMACAY continues within the same framework thus retaining its thought and character, diversification of thought and activity had to find a place to prevent boredom and stagnation. In the area of thought, the commitment of movement's relatively large network should ideally embrace a role as agents of social change seeking to understand the totality of culture.

In the area of activities, the scholarship scheme, The EYE magazine and lectures are some examples.

The Beginning